online price

Hooman Pouyan Company with 15 years of international business experience, recognizing the challenges of domestic and international transportation, in 2016, unveiled the Zing land transportation application. by providing the internet platform for transportation tenders, we managed more than 15,000 domestic and international shipments online, and finally in 2021, by obtaining an international shipping license, it became the first shipping forwarder in Iran with online services and prices.

Having popular Zing software and more than 14,000 active users, our approach has always been based on I.T and all our efforts are that without the intervention of manpower, the whole transportation process Price, container reservation, cargo monitoring and shipping clearance, done instantly and online.

Instant prices

Hooman Pouyan, as the representative of large shipping companies in Iran and the world, always presents  online and instant prices throgh the APIs. It works for both direct shipping lines and cross stuff shippings.